Fall of James Photography was created by James Davis, a devilishly handsome photographer who writes his own web site bios in the third person.

James was bitten by the shutter bug at an early age. In fact, he has no recollection of ever not owning a camera, which means he has been taking photographs for a really long time (or has a lousy memory).

Over the years, his curiosity about picture taking developed into a love for photography and eventually became an obsession. In 2005, after realizing there are only so many ways to photograph a sleeping dachshund, James decided to obtain some more interesting subject matter the old fashioned way -- by having kids. A whole bunch of 'em. (OK, so technically James did not actually have any kids himself -- all of that credit should go to his wife -- but he is at least taking credit for the idea.)

Shortly after the arrival of his first adorable bundle of photo shoot material (or after seeing the price for a single box of diapers), James made the switch from film to digital photography and fully embraced filling up hard drives, instead of shoe boxes, with tens of thousands of photographs.

Which brings us to now. When James isn't wearing, pushing or otherwise corralling one of his five children, he's using his photographic powers and fatherly eye to capture other wonderful people's lives through the lens of his trusty camera.